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How Home Restoration Experts Capture 3D Spaces for Quicker Recovery

Published by SEO on July 17, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

experts using 3D space captureFor home restoration experts, time is of the essence. From getting to your place in time to removing water or fire damage debris or helping you get the insurance amount as quickly as possible, everything needs to be done quickly.

Whether it’s fire damage, mold, water damage, for a residential or commercial place, it is important that home restoration experts work efficiently and help clients resume their lives as quickly as possible. One major bottleneck that comes in the way here is analyzing the extent of the damage and helping clients with the insurance process.

Home restoration companies are now raising the ante to provide better customer service by tackling these issues with one tool — 3D capturing. The technology helps us determine the ‘where,’ the ‘what,’ and the ‘how’ regarding the damage. For insurance providers, on the other hand, the 3D images allow for closer inspections digitally, hence speeding up the process significantly.

This article will take a closer look at how home restoration experts are creating 3D spaces to help make clients’ and insurance adjusters’ lives easier.

How Home Restoration Experts Document Damage With 3D Spaces

Documenting the damage and its source is critical for home restoration experts as it helps them understand task details. These details typically include:

  • What needs to be done
  • The tools they need, and
  • How much workforce to deploy for a quick turnaround.

Accuracy is crucial in the commercial and residential restoration industry. The smallest mistake, a small oversight, or even a few minutes’ delay; things can go from bad to worse in a matter of minutes.

For example, if your building is flooded with Category 1 water, all it would take to turn it into Category 2 or 3 water (which is toxic) is a second of contaminated contact.

By documenting the damage before experts arrive, they know what to expect and take targeted action for quicker results. Furthermore, 3D capturing also allows home restoration experts to engage directly with insurance adjusters, the fire department, consultants, and owners.

3D images facilitate communication, allowing everyone involved in the restoration process to make sound decisions virtually. This way, we can root out any delays in the recovery process from the source.

The industry has always relied on analyzing and completing work onsite as digital means couldn’t be trusted. Restoration companies visit homes, estimate losses, document everything, and take photographs, if needed. The same used to be true for insurance adjusters.

This process would take 2-3 days on average, at which point the adjusters, contractors, and homeowners would be frustrated. Capturing 3D spaces shortens this lengthy process by taking it digital. Damaged points are captured from every angle to allow for better analysis by all parties.

The 3D Capture Process

Traditionally, expert restoration companies used to rely on their trusty cameras to scope and record projects. A technician would first come to survey, photograph, and measure your premises, which would often require more than one visit. However, 3D capture has transformed this workflow, eliminating the need for multiple visits.

Now, our technicians come over and analyses your premises to create a shareable digital 3D version. This step doesn’t take that long and requires a few photographs and measurements. The internal system does the rest, and this is known as the pre-mitigation scan. The derived models can then be shared with all relevant parties for better transparency of site conditions.

The model is shared especially with insurance company adjusters, claims administrators, and property owners to help them understand the cause of damage and the potential cost of recovery. We get in touch with insurance providers, giving our expert opinion on the matter.

Better Estimates, Transparent Documents, & Faster Results

The industry is implementing this feature completely, and the results are astonishing thus far. We have noticed that 3D captures have resulted in faster insurance settlements for clients and an equally quicker restoration turnaround.

At the same time, workplace injuries, claim refusal ratio, and document misplacement has decreased considerably. With the final 3D models, we can create accurate and transparent estimates (models) to assist planning and reviews.

These plans are used every step of the way for disaster restoration and mitigation. The 3D models are helping streamline operations throughout the industry and helping all parties build lasting relationships with each other.

Home restoration experts can provide much more accurate quotes to clients and insurance adjusters. Experts keep updating the model to get a bird’s eye view of the project throughout the restoration process. This way, we make sure that nothing is left out.

In the spirit of transparency, home restoration companies such as 911 Restoration annotate mitigation strategies and milestones for every project before beginning work. Taking this step helps us ensure that we are working towards the best interest of our clients. Some questions that we address include;

  • The type of equipment to use
  • How much time the restoration process will take
  • How many resources should be allotted
  • Any moisture points or fire hazards in the premises
  • Any preexisting damage that could lead to claim failure, and more.

As the industry evolves, 911 restoration will continue to update its technology just as we are now looking to implement this one. If you have any questions about the technology or how our home restoration experts make the most of it, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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